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Information on the best professionals ham holders

A ham holder or ham stands is a tool used to place the ham of Extremadura acorn, or any other ham or shoulder, firmly and securely in the proper position for the cutter of ham , with his carving knife , can lonchear quickly and conveniently.

There are many ham holders or ham stands from each other differ in small details like the composicón and color, or large and important features like having a rotary sleeve 360 or a rocker to go by placing the ham in the position more suitable for the carving knife slicing can access an area of ​​Iberian ham wider acorn.

Types of Ham Holders

Currently there are many ham holders or ham stands differ from each other mainly by the gripper system, placing the ham, material and design.

When buying a ham must take into account different factors according to their use and performance. It is common for a ham cutter look for the best ham to facilitate the use of the carving knife and slicing, looking for speed and comfort, while a home user will have more into account the design and aesthetics as to where it will be placed. The ham will become a decorative element in the kitchen or where it is positioned for use.

Semi-Professional Ham Holder with rotating grip.

rotating ham holder

Rotating Ham Holder

The rotating ham holder has a stainless steel housing for gripping the ham in the area of the hoof that allows 360 ° rotation on its axis with extreme ease.

Therefore, this rotary ham holder allows quick and easy rotation of ham on its axis, improving slicing in different positions.

Rotating ham holders are ham stands semi-professional, but all professional ham must have a rotary sleeve.

The Adjustable Ham Holder, one of the best ham stands

adjustable ham holder

adjustable ham holder

The adjustable ham holder is a ham stand which it allows to adapt the ham to the most suitable position for cutting.

This device allows tilting or swing ham usually consists of a lever which when opened allows to change the position of the arms of the ham to a more or less vertical position, getting to place the ham with the right inclination for cutting.

All professionals ham holders should have this device to improve comfort and speed in the slicing of ham.

Rotating 360º and Adjustable Ham Holder

Professional Ham Holder

Professional Ham Holder

This Professional ham holder rotating and tilting is the most widespread today among teachers cutters ham and all professionals who need to quickly and comfortably slicing an Iberian ham.

This ham has the two most important systems for placing the ham in the proper position allowing the third cut, the rotary sleeve 360 and the rocker.

Vertical Ham Holder, the innovative ham stand.

Vertical Ham Holder

Vertical Ham Holder

The Vertical Ham Holder is a ham stand in which the ham is vertical.

This position of ham radically change the traditional mode since sliced ham not start by the club or stifle, but for the tip.

This ham usually have a grip on the table to prevent displacement and other ham in the area of the hoof. This grip in the area of the hoof often supplemented with a grip slightly higher to improve the stability of the ham, being subject with great confidence.

En cuanto al loncheado del jamón el cortador de jamón ibérico deberá cortar las lonchas horizontalmente a la superficie del jamón, pero en perpendicular al hueso, quedando las lonchas con un sabor más variado, al lonchear varias zonas del jamón a la vez..

Ham Holder with gripping jaw

Jawing Ham Holder

Jawing Ham Holder

The Jawing Ham Holder is a ham stand with a system gripping shaped jaw.

In this Jawing Ham Holder, ham is placed horizontally placing the portion of ham hoof within the system of mandibular grip, which will tighten until well subject Iberian ham.

This system allows very firm grip on the subject.

Folding Ham Holder, the Ham Holder wich you can travell with it.

Folding Ham Holder

Folding Ham Holder

The Folding Ham Holder is a semi-professional or home use that allows transport and saved the ham with extreme ease.

This is a ham holder with a normal basis on which the extendable arm where grip Ham is standing can be folded parallel to the base, saving a lot of space for storage.

Folding ham holders usually have a carrying case and recommended holding the rotating bushing in case of professional use.

Ham Holders to slicing Boneless hams.

The Ham Holder to slicing Boneless ham. is ideal for professionals in the HORECA channel professional.

These ham holders grip safely the ham and have a system that allows rotation of the parts 360 to facilitate slicing whole surface.

These professionals ham holders are usually manufactured almost whole stainless steel to increase cleaning and durability.

Wall Ham Holder, the domestic ham stand

Wall Ham Holder

Wall Ham Holder

The Wall Ham Holder is a ham stand ideal for domestic use in homes that do not have a table to place a traditional horizontal ham holder.

These ham holders have a base that is fixed to the wall firmly to ensure safety and prevent displacement during cutting ham Iberian ham.

These ham holders have a fastening system at the top to grab the ham on the side of the hoof and a fastening system at the bottom where the ham is supported to provide greater stability.

It is recommended that the grip of the ham is done by a rotating cap to improve comfort in the cut.

Foot Ham Holder, the domestic vertical ham stand

Foot Ham Holder

Foot Ham Holder

The Foot Ham Holder is a domestic ham stand which allows placing the ham on a nearly vertical small base dimension.

This ham holder has a small base which supports the tip of the Iberian ham and an extendable arm that fits the size of the ham to place it almost vertical. At the end of the arm is gripping system, preferably a rotary sleeve which grip the ham on the side of the hoof.

This foot ham holder is ideal for users who do not have a large space to place the ham.

Clamp Ham Holder

Clamp Ham Holder

Clamp Ham Holder

The Clamp Ham Holder is a ham stand which comprises a base and a fastening system in the form of clip on the ham is placed horizontally.

This ham holder has two arms between which the ham is placed and act as gripper, leaving the ham very strongly subject.

Given the few benefits of this ham clamp it is not recommended for professional use.

Classes and characteristics of Ham Holders

In the features and uses of ham holders we can make a first classification in domestic or traditional ham, ham semi-professional and professional ham holders.

The ham holder for all households

domestic ham holder

domestic ham holder

domestic ham holders are the traditional ham stands that we use in homes to cut the ham. These domestic ham holders should allow placing the horizontal ham and provide a comfortable and safe cutting. The household ham must have at least:

- A secure base to prevent the displacement of domestic ham holder during cutting. It is essential to cut the ham well and safely cutting the ham is well fixed at its base.

- A gripping mechanism in cap can hold the ham firmly on the side of the hoof.

- A skewer in a V, to hold the ham at its other end, the tip.

The ham holder for homes and semi-professional uses.

rotating ham holder

Domestic/professional Ham Holder

The semi-professional ham holders or ham stands are more advanced than traditional/domestic ham holders and can be used at home or by professionals ham sector.

A semi-professional ham holder must have a number of features that improve the speed and convenience in cutting the ham. For this, the ham must have:

-Solid and nonskid base: All ham must have a heavy enough or mechanisms to prevent slippage during cutting ham base.

- Swivel cap: Have a rotary sleeve facilitates rotation during cutting ham, being able to go by turning up to 360 ° without removing the ham.

This ham is often called rotating ham holder.

The ham holder for ham professionals

Afinox rotating ham holder

Professional Ham Holder

Professionals ham holders are ham stands with more advanced benefits. These ham holders are ideal for professional ham cutters and professionals HORECA channel where speed and maximum yield of hams needed.

Professionals ham holders must have a number of prerequisites to cut a ham quickly and with maximum comfort.

- Swivel cap: The rotating ham holder allows rotate the ham 360º in the ham facilitating cutting in different positions as possible to have the ham in the most appropriate position relative to its axis to the time slicing.

- Tilting mechanism : Have a tilting ham holder allows ham cutters put the same with the most appropriate inclination to make the cut, facilitating sliced ham in multiple positions, which are called third cut.

These features make this Professional Ham Holder a perfect tool to make an excellent and quick work in the court.

Parts and characteristics of the ham holders or ham stands

parts of the ham holderAs mentioned above, the ham holders or ham stands, have a number of essential elements:

Ham holder base: The base of the ham holder must have a high weight or grip system that allows jamoneros become subject to place support firmly and securely, preventing any slippage. This part of the ham is essential because the ham knives are tools that should be very sharp and should minimize the risk of accidents.

On the other hand, the base should be long enough to put hams higher dimensions (a normal ham is usually about 90 cm. Long), this detail for the HORECA channel should be considered, since they tend to choose hams larger, 9 to 12 Kgs. to have superior performance.

Grip of the ham holder: The part of the hoof must be securely attached to it different gripping systems among which the gripping jaw and the rotary sleeve 360 ​​are used, the latter is used by almost all professionals ham holders as it allows to turn the piece of ham 360 degrees on its axis, being a key to increase the speed and convenience in cutting ham piece.

Tilting of the ham holder: The swing is an option of ham or jamonera table that allows you to place the ham in the most suitable position for cutting, being able tilt almost up vertically. This mechanism is very important because by the rotating grip allow the third cut and better use of Iberian ham.

Skewer base: This element provides greater attachment ham at its end touches the base of ham ham holder or ham stand to be indispensable in light ham holders and short, but not being recommended by professional cutters because that part of the ham maim eroding its quality. This reason makes professionals ham holders do not have this support and possess superior grip on the part of the hoof.

Swing Arm: Since all the Iberian hams not have the same length is very important that the ham holder is extensible extensible and enables regulation in lean ham for cutting.

Material of the ham holder: Currently there are different types of materials as the base wood, marble, plastics, stainless steel, this being more decorative than functional area, because what is needed is a good grip. On the other hand, it is recommended that the rest of the ham holders or ham stands is stainless steel, since the is the surface to be in contact with the ham.

Buy ham holder - Best ham holders quality/price

What is the best ham holder for quality/price?

In the market there ham holders of many qualities and prices so sometimes there are small differences between each other both in quality and price, so instead of choosing the best ham holders for money , we will to expose the 4 best sellers ham holders and claimed by professionals in the world of ham and family consumers.

Questions about Ham Holders

A cutting board is a tool to place and facilitate the slicing of ham. Its most common name is ham holder or ham stand.

Knowing what the best cheap ham holder is impossible, given the large number of existing ham holders. In this case we recommend at least the ham has a system for gripping area hoofed ham and a good base or fastening system that prevents its displacement in court.

When we talk about professionals ham holders the price ceases to have high importance as a professional ham stand often works daily with ham, specifying ease and comfort in the cut without losing time to modify the placement.

The ham knife must have a long, thin blade, which has good flexibility and is sharp. So that it can accommodate ham profile and cut thin slices as possible.

The material base of the ham holder is not a major cutting Iberian ham factor as always prevent their displacement during cutting.

The ham, in a horizontal ham holder, should be placed according to the time of consumption:

- For less than one week consumption: What's near mace, hoofed up


- For more than one month consumption: In the area babilla, hoofed down


The best ham stand or ham holder is the one that best suits your needs and it will not be the same for professional use that for a decorative home use.

When we talk about wood ham holder we refer to the base material, this material being one of the most used for its design and aesthetics. The rest of the material that is in contact with the ham is recommended to be stainless steel.

jamonero giratorio Afinox
Afinox Ham Holder

Afinox Ham Holder

The Afinox ham holder is one of the professional ham stand highest quality, made of stainless and steel bases different materials, is the ham chosen by many of the teachers ham cutters.
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