Ham of Montánchez

Jamones Sierra de MontanchezMontánchez ham, is one of the best Spanish Iberian Acorn Ham with more tradition in Extremadura, being a typical Extremadura Iberian ham obtained from pigs raised and fattened in mountain in the Sierra de Montánchez, in the region of Sierra de Montánchez and Tamuja (Cáceres), located in the heart of Extremadura. Extremadura This enclave has some ideal characteristics that result in exquisite hams Montanchez, as defendants nationally and internationally.

History – Spanish Ham of Montánchez

Montánchez history, and therefore of hams Montanchez, is as old as the different civilizations that inhabited the region. For the peoples of this region they camped different civilizations that left their mark both treasured monuments and customs, scenery and cuisine, where the Iberian ham Montanchez had great relevance. Among all historical monuments include the Celtic forts and vetones of the Iron Age, the remains of Roman villas and bridges as Benquerencia, like Montánchez castles, Roman and Almohad origins, and even a small gem of architecture Hispanic Visigoth : the Basilica of Santa Lucia in Alcuéscar, the only of its kind in the south of the Iberian peninsula.

As mentioned, these people have marked the villager cuisine, so it is not surprising that from a distant era tradition of rearing Iberian pork and ham production in Montánchez has been present in villages Bellotera this region as being the Iberian pig a source of essential food to have lots of acorns for fattening getting acorn Iberian hams get high quality for hundreds of years, the acorn Iberian hams of Montánchez.

Sierra de Montanchez and Tamuja Hams Town

This region, which leads to the delicious hams from Montánchez, has a commonwealth composed of the following 22 town:



3Aldea del Cano11Ruanes19


4Almoharín12Salvatierra de Santiago20


5Arroyomolinos13Santa Ana21




14Santa Marta de Magasca22

Zarza de Montánchez



15Sierra de Fuentes
8Casas de Don Antonio16Torre de Santa María

Hams of Sierra de Montánchez

Jamones ibericos puros de MontanchezSierra de Montánchez, one of the best regions of Extremadura hams are produced, it has large expanses of pasture ideal for breeding and fattening Iberian pig of great quality. This is due to the large acorn production of these pastures, which is not surprising, given the wide Bellotera tradition of Montánchez in the pig sector, with its hams Montanchez, being already documented in the Jurisdictions of Montánchez 1236.

It was not by chance that this region has developed its industry around the Iberian ham of Montanchez, with a number of producers and manufacturers. The quirky and excellent weather that accompanies this region for curing the hams through 900 meters above sea level, a cold, dry winters (they are subjected to a 5th - 6th), and summers with high temperatures they do sweat the ham and help the natural drying and penetration of fat throughout the muscle, the muscle fibers impregnated ham Montanchez, it has made it one of the privileged regions for the production and manufacture of Iberian ham acorn, certifying many of its hams under the protected Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura.

In general, the hams Montánchez area are rich in oleic acid and have a sweet taste and an intense and persistent aroma.

Montánchez ham, Iberian ham of Emperor Charles V and King Philip IV

Emperador Carlos V y el Jamon de Montanchez

Emperador Carlos V

It notes that even the great Emperor Charles V, according to legend, was a major consumer of this delicacy, ham Montánchez, including it in your daily diet as an indispensable food that could never miss. This fact is reflected in the work of the writer and traveler Germond de Lavigne in his "Itinerary for Spain".

Carlos V knew what I ate, and I knew that a good Iberian ham fat would provide excellent quality, as demonstrated in studies conducted with the passage of time.

Felipe IV - Degustador de jamón iberico de Montanchez

Felipe IV

There is also evidence that in the court of King Philip IV (XVII century) Montánchez ham enjoyed great prestige for its excellent quality.

On the other hand, it is mentioned that pigs were Montánchez its special flavor to a diet of reptiles, very abundant in the area, in the days before the killing of Iberian pigs.

Websites of Iberian hams from the Sierra de Montánchez

Montánchez Hams Álvaro Galán

  • Iberian Acorn Ham of Montánchez Alvaro Galán

    Álvaro Galán Hams It is a family business, producer, manufacturer and marketer of Iberian acorn ham Montanchez , which brings together the efforts of parents and children, tucked behind the work of an excellent team that strives to maintain long live the philosophy that was born and grew the company.

    This philosophy is the development of Iberian hams from Montánchez high quality, based, first, on the old tradition of Montánchez ham , and on the other , in dedication, patience and the care in its production overturned by the two founders of the company, Mr. Alvaro Galan and Ms. Maria Sanchez.

    D. Alvaro Galan and Ms. Maria Sanchez were the ones who in the late seventies of last century managed to find the keys to develop Ham Extremadura Montanchez very high-end, based on three fundamental assumptions, characteristic since products of the company. 100% natural healing, elaboración100% artisan and constant search for the "right point of salt"

Montánchez Hams Casa Bautista

  • Iberian Acorn Ham of Montánchez Casa Bautista

    House is a family business Bautista producer, manufacturer and marketer of Iberian acorn ham Montánchez , founded in 1925 by Mr. Julio Bautista in which you take care and pamper the product since its inception, making a both at genetic selection and food.

    The main symbol of pork Home Baptist is the acorn, which results in excellent Montánchez hams . A selected Iberian pig herds in our basing, since childhood, feeding in the pasture, entering the open range with 8 or 9 pounds and leaving it with 15 or 16 pounds, eating acorns in these months, stubble, grass and oaks, thus giving its peculiar taste, smell and texture all its products. hams, sausages, loins, etc

    Montánchez hams and Casa Bautista need five years of care and attention pig from birth until the product is fit for consumption.

Montánchez Hams Monsalud

  • Iberian Acorn Ham of Montánchez Monsalud

    Monsalud inherited a centuries-old tradition of artisan production of Iberian pig derivatives, where the Montánchez acorn ham is one of the star products continues. Our master ham made Iberian acorn ham with an individualized treatment. Each piece receives a unique supervision, from the Iberian pig breeding in cellar until healing.

    hams Monsalud are cured in the Sierra de Montánchez, the capital of ham Extremadura where a special atmosphere and a unique environment also make it a special healing, leading to exceletes Montánchez hams Monsalud

Montánchez Hams Rosco

  • Iberian Acorn Ham of Montánchez Rosco

    ROSCO Hams is a producer, manufacturer and seller of Ham Acorn Montánchez that during the preparation of their ham Iberian acorn Montánchez , takes a journey through various rooms in that conditions of low temperature and moisture declines happen, in order to achieve a distribution of salt throughout the piece, to then suffer the rigors of the summer season temperatures in drying induce significant changes in its composition .

    This trip has an end in the cellars where the temperatures are mild and stable and in whose gloom and silence ripen slowly, for a long time, giving it a unique aroma and exquisite getting Iberian ham of Rosco Montanchez

Montánchez Hams Antonio Caravaca

  • Iberian Acorn Ham of Montánchez Antonio Caravaca

    This house was founded in Montánchez by D. Benito Perez Lazaro in 1930 and passed to his son-Caravaca Antonio Caballero is one of the Extremadura companies Montanchez Iberico ham most recognized.

    For its quality and tradition, hams Antonio Caravaca is the oldest sausage Extremadura companies, currently owning Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura and certifying many of its hams and hams 100% Iberian acorn, new nomenclature Pure Iberian acorn ham.

    From natural and handmade healing in their own drying, curing is only 15,000 pieces DO Dehesa de Extremadura, also marketed Iberian hams and other pork sausages.

    . Being one of the producers of Montánchez hams more guarantee for high-quality hams.

    The result of our efforts are the different prizes awarded for the quality of our products, among which we would highlight the first prize for the best Iberian ham DO Dehesa de Extremadura granted by tasters Paradores of Spain; First "Golden Ham"; prize awarded by the city of Montánchez and "Espiga de Oro" Award for the best ham with Designation of Origin in 2009.

Almoharin Hams

  • Iberian Acorn Ham of Almoharin

    Almoharin Hams produced hams and quality, its facilities located in the town of Almoharin Cacereña make products with the utmost care and dedication for us to enjoy our home quality.