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Extremadura Hams – Information about Iberian acorn ham

Extremadura ham is an information portal Extremadura Iberian hams, with special attention to pure acorn ham, where the sector this exquisite ham obtained from fattening pigs in Extremadura which provides its hams review a texture, aroma and unique flavor.

We inform you of the different producing regions of Iberian ham Badajoz and Caceres such as Montánchez, Olivenza, Extremadura countryside or the District of Serena, as well as the same jamoneras companies and professional ham cutters, reporting with special interest on the hams with Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura.

In addition, we aim to report all Iberian pig farms and producers and manufacturers of Iberian ham, and mainly of pure Iberian acorn ham Extremadura.


The Best Iberian Ham Areas in Spain – Extremadura

Información Jamones de Montanchez
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Ham of Montanchez

Montanchez is a town, located about 45 km north of Mérida characterized by large meadows of holm oak with iberian pig in freedom eating acorn. For than, Montanchez is considered one of the best areas to raise iberian pigs and get excellent pure acorn Iberian hams of Extremadura (Spain).
Hams of Serena
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Hams of Serena

Ham of La Serena is one of the best ham in Spain. Weather conditions and good pastures existing oaks create an environment where the Iberian pigs roam with abundant natural food, especially acorns in fattening, obtaining Iberian ham Gourmet highest level.
Hams from Llanos of Olivenza
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Hams from Llanos of Olivenza

Llanos of Olivenza is a frontier region with great farming tradition, in which the pig is very important. There are very good in this region holdings of pure Iberian pork well thanks to the abundant pastures populated by oaks, which provide high quality montanera.
Ibérico of Brillante - Jamonia
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Ibérico of Brillante - Jamonia

Extremadura manufacturer of pallets and Iberian hams under the Iberian Bright and Sierra Extremadura which Drying hams and sausage factory is located in the region of La Serena, in particular in the town of Castuera (Badajoz), being host to the Designation of Origin "Dehesa de Extremadura".

Enjoy a pure Iberian ham from Extremadura!

Sign up and will inform future tasting gourmet ham quality to be held in different locations in Extremadura and Badajoz, Mérida, Cáceres, Plasencia, Don Benito, Don Benito, Olivenza, Montanchez, Navalmoral de la Mata, Almendralejos, Zafra, Montijo, Miajadas, Coria, Villafranca de los Barros, Trujillo.

Extremadura's Hamsthe Iberian Pure Acorn Ham

Buy a good pure Iberian ham is to ensure flavor, odor and texture unmatched. To make sure it comes from pure Iberian pigs montanera fed on acorns quality and sufficient space for daily exercise.

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Dehesa Extremeña

Extremadura has large expanses of pasture high quality ideal for the Iberian pig fattening. The large areas of pasture and good acorn production make pigs run free and enjoy excellent food in an ideal climate for its development.

Iberian 100% Pigs

In Extremadura there is production of pure Iberian pork . This is because for decades has been considered the Iberian pig as Extremadura native pig, and is intended to promote this hallmark avoiding mixtures pork Duroc Jersey in large Iberian pig farms.

Feed in Montanera

The large number of existing acorn in the dehesa extremeña allows 100% Iberian pig producers , during the period of fattening (October to March), fatten their pigs freely in the dehesa from 90 kg. to 180 kg. with a natural diet of acorns and grasses.

How to choose a good Spanish Iberian Acorn Ham?

What will be the use of ham?

In the market there are different types of high quality ham, from the serrano ham to the pure acorn ham is the ultimate gourmet range.

So the first question should be: What will be your utility?

If there is an event like a wedding, christening, business meeting or any other meeting where we want to delight with a great delicacy, no doubt, you need a good ham pure acorn and the assurance of the quality of the ham. In these cases we recommend unfamiliar with the manufacturer or producer, to ensure that it is registered under a designation of origin, in our case we recommend the Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura .

This does not mean that other hams are not adequate, a good ham but not pure or acorn will guarantee you a taste, aroma and texture excellent for any kind of gourmet dishes, enjoy with family or in any type of meeting.

As for the ham, but their quality is lower, it is still a very rich ham is exquisite in some cases, which can give you many uses in the kitchen.

Weight and maturation of Iberian ham

Iberian ham generally have an average weight of 6.8 to 7.3 kg, being greater the higher quality of their weight. But this also depends largely on the period of healing and feeding.

Therefore we make the following classification to have a better idea of ​​the different qualities:

Iberian Ham

  • Weight : More than 8 kg.
  • Healing 36 - 40 months.
  • Rating : Hams really exquisite, with a texture, aroma and flavor very pontenciados whose meat will improve as we move through the court.

Iberian Ham

  • Weight: 7 to 7.5 kg. < li>
  • Healing: 28 -36 months.
  • Rating: Ham ideal for consumption, usually the most common weight of such acorn ham. The taste, smell and texture are optimum for tasting.

Iberian Ham

  • Weight: 6-7 kgs.
  • Healing: 20 - 24 months.
  • Rating: Ham optimal for consumption, although sometimes you can find some areas more than others cured.

Iberian ham Bait field

  • Weight: 6-7 kgs.
  • Healing: 18 - 24 months.
  • Rating: Ham optimal for consumption, being very tasty for the most bacon regarding acorn.

Bait Iberian ham

  • Weight: 6-7 kgs.
  • Healing: 18-20 meses.
  • Rating: Ham optimal for consumption, not having problems of dryness, but on the contrary if you have not healed enough may be too cool.

External fat ham (before cutting)

texture of fat: ham fat is directly related to food had the Iberian pig, being soft to the touch in the Iberian acorn ham. In addition, fat Iberian ham should sink easily when pressed and regain its position quickly.

Color of fat. If the pig has been fed adequately enough acorns during the open range, the color of the fat should be dark yellow or gold color, after the healing period, with which it is also closely related.

Morphological characteristics of Iberian ham

Ham stylized and thin reed. The pure Iberian pig has a skeleton and more elongated limbs mixed.

They have more elongated and worn when walking on the field and make daily exercise hooves.

Designation of Origin hams

The designations of origin guarantee proven quality of Iberian ham with its labeling and sealing.

is the denomination of origin Extremadura Iberian hams, but also of the appellation there are 3 other denominations in Spain with great national and international repercussions: DO Teruel, O.D. Huelva and D.O Pedroches.

Faq about Iberian Ham of Spain

What is the best ham in the world is an easy question to answer for most people who have ever used a good pure Iberian ham. Without a doubt, this is the ham of choice for large and gourmet haute cuisine to have a smell, taste and texture unmatched by any other and between the ham produced in Extremadura has great relevance for being the largest producer of this delicious delicacy.

The appellation of origin is essential when choosing a good Iberian ham certain characteristics. brings a number of producers certified by this designation indicating that the hams meet certain characteristics, warranty being a sign of great relevance.

The ham from pigs with black hoof, but this is not indicative of an Iberian pig that is because that color can belong to other breeds of pigs

Five Jacks is a brand from Jabugo hams which are of the highest quality, acorn ham from 100% Iberian pigs. The best parts are selected in Jabugo, even before marketing by industry experts for healing after sending their shops and restaurants. This brand has been awarded the Crystal Award.

If an acorn ham is shown coming from a pig that has been fed on acorns and mast enough in mountain pastures, while a pata negra ham only indicates the color of his hoof, can be 100% Iberian or not, or fed montanera or receive any other type of food.

Recently a law obliges to call pata negra hams only to 100% Iberian acorn hams.

No. The Iberian ham contains a high content of oleic acid which provides cardiovascular properties, increases good HDL cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol LDH. So the consumption of ham is good against cholesterol.

No, ham is not fattening, being healthier and less saturated fat sausage.

The Iberian ham has between 100 and 150 kcal per 50 grams, so in moderation can be suitable even for high-calorie diets.  

In addition, the quality of their fat is excellent, being very balanced and predominantly oleic acid, so good for our health with levels above 50%.

Therefore, eating ham slimline and is valid for any type of diets with moderate consumption, having many health benefits

The most expensive ham in the world is currently a variety of Jabugo ham called "Manchado de Jabugo", whose price is due to a shortage of it as this bred there are very few copies, approximately 51 players.

In addition, the production process is very long, since these pigs are slaughtered at over 32 months and hams have a healing period quite high.

The current price per piece is 4,100 euros.

This name no longer exists, now this ham is called field bait ham.

Unlike most expensive ham, define what is the cheapest ham is not easy.

That a ham have a lower than average prices may be due to defective products or an urgent need for liquidity manufacturer, so it is not directly related to a specific brand, but with a point in time of need sales.

The ham is obtained from salted and air-dried hams. It don't indicates that comes from an Iberian pig or pig white or Duroc, but it is usually associated with white hams of lower quality.

The Iberian ham obtained from fed cereal-based feed pigs.

These hams come from pigs reared in fed at first with acorn montanera freedom, but insufficient to achieve the same fattening final feed consists of grass and feed grains.

It is the ham from pigs with at least 75% Iberian breed whose initial feeding is done in mountain acorns, but by a shortage of them fattening ends with herbs and cereal-based feed.

Those white dots indicate an optimal healing and maturation of Iberian ham.

Exactly, they are formed mainly by tyrosine crystallizations that occur during protein degradation

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